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Steady Head Smart Divot Tool

Steady Head Smart Divot Tool is a Patent Pending
three in one tool - alignment aid to keep the head steady,
divot tool, and a ball marker

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How Can Steady Head Smart Divot Tool help you?

Play like a Professional

One of the biggest difference between the amateur and the professional golfers is that the head of the professional golfer is very still throughout the takeaway, backswing, transition, impact, and follow through. Steady head ensures that the spine angle is maintained throughout the swing and there is a crisp contact with the ball.

Amateurs are not at all aware of the head movement and golf instructors give them many drills to keep the head still. One of the best way is to have some visual cue on where the head is and this tool gives a real time visual feedback on the head movement.

(Steady Head Smart Divot Tool)

This is a three in one tool; alignment tool to keep the head steady, divot tool, and a ball marker. The unique design makes it a conventional divot tool and when clipped in reverse on the cap this becomes a visual alignment tool. Most important this is one of the only few tools that you can use on the driving range and as well as use it while playing golf.

Very innovative, affordable, and practical tool to improve your golf game.

I am new to golf and have used a lot of training aids. This is the only practical tool to keep your head steady.

Natalie, Boston

(Steady Head Smart Divot Tool)

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